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Saliveze Artificial Saliva Spray for Dry M...

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Salivix Artificial Saliva Pastiles

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Salivix Aritifical Saliva Spray

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Dry mouth, also referred to as Xerostomia, leaves you feeling parched, and constantly reaching for a glass of water. Without a consistent amount of saliva in your mouth, bacteria build up and teeth begin to decay, resulting in bad breath and other more serious complications. 

Not producing enough saliva can leave your mouth feeling dehydrated, making it difficult to eat, speak, or swallow. But what exactly contributes to your dry mouth? Whether it’s due to a medicinal side effect or a medical condition, knowing exactly what’s causing your dry mouth symptoms is the first step toward alleviating it. The major causes contributing to dry mouth include medications, chronic illness, nerve damage, dehydration, smoking, mental health and drug use