About Us

MednKare provides efficient and attractive sales space, offering quality imported health and beauty products creating a unique shopping experience. It is the trusted partner with tech-centric environment for not only individual customers but also for retailers, hospitals, pharmacies, healthcare providers & salons who need global account management combined with local implementation. 

The team of MednKare proudly presents a range of products from different wellness segments including skin protectants/barrier creams, surgical and wound dressings, cooling mists. We know what customers want; that’s why we’ve gathered the most popular products from the United Kingdom market. Our niche includes products for bedsores/pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, superficial wound care, first and second degree burns & skincare thereby, discouraging the conventional use of antibiotics for bedsore treatment where ever, possible inorder to protect the patient from antibiotic side effects and minimize bacterial resistance. The products are being sourced from leading industry manufacturers like Smith & Nephew3MMedicare Plus International and Systagenix to name a few.

In addition, MednKare is a store with regular sales and promotions. If, for some reason, you cannot enjoy our goods right now, don’t miss other opportunities to purchase outstanding discounts during a sale! 

Moreover, we guarantee full safety of transactions as we only use secure payment methods so that customers don’t have to worry.

As you can see, all these benefits turn shopping in this store into a profitable experience you won’t forget. Quality of the products, rich choice coupled with affordable prices that you can’t find in other ventures and loyal customer service are our pride and honor. So, let us guide you from now on to earn your trust and make your life a bit happier.