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The skin is the largest organ of the body and our first line of defense against microbial invasion, minor trauma or a chemical breach. The skins most outer layer provides a protective barrier. This outer layer can be damaged in many ways and a common cause of damage is through moisture. Moisture offers an increasing challenge through the corrosive effects of excess sweat, exudate, urine and faces. It is therefore, essential for people who are at risk of skin damage, their care providers and health professionals to ascertain if moisture can be managed appropriately with barrier creams or skin protectants.

Ideally the pH of a healthy skin is 5.5, which can help to protect against bacterial and fungal infections. Excess moisture on the skin in the form of urine, sweat and faeces are alkaline in nature therefore increasing the pH level through an immediate chemical reaction, which causes irritation to the skin. This can put the skin at greater risk of breakdown, hence increasing the risk of pressure ulcers. Increased moisture in the form of exudate may result in maceration of the skin making it more susceptible to damage from physical forces of pressure and friction.

"MednKare" offers a mixed range of organic as well as pharmaceutical preventive Skin Protectants or Barrier Creams and Washes which can be used against moisture-related skin damage such as incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD) and Bedsores or Pressure ulcers on both intact and injured skin, by building an invisible, durable barrier for your skin, saving it from damage and helping damaged skin to heal naturally. Additionally, they also protect the skin from friction caused by adhesive dressings.